Fusion Restaurants

You’ve probably heard about “fusion restaurants.” People have a lot of vague ideas about fusion cuisine – that it refers to cutting-edge chefs coming up with new kinds of food – but do you know what the term actually means? In this article, we’ll tell you where fusion cooking comes from, what it means, and why we decided to open up our own fusion restaurant!

Who Invented Fusion Cooking?

The term “fusion cooking” was coined by Norman Van Aken because he wanted a word to describe the various ethnic cuisines he was combining in Key West. He borrowed the terminology from “jazz fusion,” which combines jazz with other genres of music (mainly rock).

Although Aken coined the term, he didn’t originate fusion cuisine.

Where Did Fusion Cuisine Originate?

In the broadest sense of the term, fusion cuisine has been with us for centuries. People often take food from different countries and continents, combining them together to create something new.

More specifically, fusion cuisine is essentially America’s cuisine. Much like America has combined a variety of different cultures over the years, fusion cuisine takes different ethnic cuisines and combines them to form something new.

Asian fusion is common, drawing from various Asian culinary traditions to create something new. Mexican cuisine also combines well with other cuisines, like Texan cuisine (together, they’re “Tex Mex”).

Is Fusion Cuisine Good?

We certainly think so! Fusion cuisine is a broad term, referring to any combination of two or more ethnic cuisines. So even if you don’t like one type of fusion cuisine, there are plenty of other options out there!

Generally speaking, good fusion cuisine comes from a place of honest curiosity. We really like Mexican food, but we’re in Hawaii. This gives us a deep appreciation for both cuisines and a desire to see what happens when we combine some of our favorite flavors.

Looking for Mexican/Hawaiian Fusion in Honolulu?

Since 2013, we’ve been serving delicious, “onolicious” Mexican/Hawaiian Fusion meals. Check out some pictures of our Mexican Fusion food, then take a look at our fusion catering. We hope to see you in our restaurant!

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