How Do Hawaiians Celebrate Christmas?

christmas tree near beach shows how hawaiians celebrate christmas

Mele Kalikimaka! We’ve already entered December and are on our way
to closing out 2019. Surf N Turf Tacos loves to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii
our own way with delicious fusion tacos. We like to celebrate Christmas day in
the vein of bringing ideas and people together. In that spirit, we’ll show you
some of the different ways Honolulu celebrates the holidays differently from
the rest of the world.

Hawaiians Celebrate Christmas with Unique Decorations

Hawaiian families are all a bit different when it comes to
decorating. Many choose to import pine trees from across the Pacific for
traditional decorating. The town itself happily lights up palm trees early as
their own Christmas trees. Santa Claus arrives in aloha shirts and his reindeer
are often depicted pulling an outrigger canoe alongside dolphins. 

“Shaka Santa” also appears with his wife Tutu Mele outside of the
Honolulu City Hall in similar weather-friendly attire. You can also frequently
see snowmen, reindeer, and other holiday themed icons appear near the building.

The New Year Celebration is Tradition

Before Christian traditions came to Hawaii, locals held a
celebration for the New Year in honor of the Earth which they called Makahiki.
They participate in community festivities in which they feast on roast pig for
Christmas dinner. The Hawaiian flavor comes from its taste for seafood, turkey,
pork, and fruits. 

Poke, like what Surf N Turf serves in our tasty tacos, is
regularly served as a Christmas appetizer. It can be made with ahi, tuna,
salmon, octopus, or even shellfish. Our delicious grilled cod and panko crusted
shrimp also satisfy that holiday seafood need. Roast pork is also a fairly
common holiday treat. Our fresh carnitas are sure to get you in the local
festive spirit.

Enjoy Christmas Eve on the Beach

While northern mainlanders associate caroling with snowy days,
Hawaiians bring ukuleles down to the beach. It’s very common to see visitors
and locals wearing leis, shorts, and Santa hats all at once. Musical groups and
carolers entertain visitors while others surf, swim, and enjoy the holiday
weather. You can start up a beachside barbeque and get to know the community.

We Still Find Ways to Enjoy Snow

Cold weather might not be the norm for Honolulu, but our tall
peaks get snow as well as others elsewhere. Many locals make a habit of driving
up to the volcanic areas and bringing snow back down. Hawaii really gets to
enjoy the best of both worlds!

Hawaiians Celebrate Christmas with Surf N Turf Tacos

Surf N Turf Tacos holds Hawaiian tradition close to the heart. We take pride in what our community does for others, and what we can provide for it. When you’re craving some fresh carnitas or delectable poke or shrimp this Christmas and New Year’s, let us do the cooking. We also happily provide catering services for any personal or business-related holiday gathering. 

Whether you’re a local of Honolulu, or a visitor enjoying a warm holiday, stop by Surf N Turf Tacos. For more information about our menu, check out how to order. Be sure to stop by our location at 2310 Kuhio Avenue in Honolulu.

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