Mexican/Hawaiian Fusion

As we’ve previously discussed, fusion food covers a variety of different cuisines. If you think of any two food cultures, you can probably combine them to come up with a fusion cuisine. This begs the question, then: why did we choose to serve Mexican/Hawaiian food to the people of Honolulu? In this article, we’ll explain what Mexican/Hawaiian fusion is and why we love it so much.

What Makes Mexican/Hawaiian Fusion Mexican?

If you take a quick look at our menu, you’ll quickly begin to understand what it is that makes Mexican/Hawaiian fusion Mexican: we’re serving classic Mexican Food Honolulu that you’re used to seeing at a variety of restaurants. Our dishes are burritos, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and so on. We also offer some meats that are commonly used in Mexican dishes, like carnitas and carne asada.

What Makes Mexican/Hawaiian Fusion Hawaiian?

While the types of dishes we’re serving are largely Mexican, we make our food using local ingredients. We like doing this because it allows our ingredients to be fresh, but it also allows for unique combinations.

Imagine biting into a burrito that’s filled with spicy sesame poke, or panko crusted shrimp. That’s what Mexican/Hawaiian fusion has to offer: a new twist on old Mexican classics.

Want to Try Some Mexican/Hawaiian Fusion?

Of course, different restaurants will have different spins on Mexican/Hawaiian fusion. This is just covering how we do things, so if this sounds good to you, you should stop by and see how our Mexican food in Honolulu tastes!

Surf N Turf Tacos is proudly offering Mexican/Hawaiian fusion cuisine to Honolulu residents! If you check out our menu, you’ll see the various types of tacos, burritos, and more that you can order. Be sure to check us out if you’re in the Waikiki neighborhood. And don’t forget that we also offer catering services!

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