Poke: A Guide

At Surf N Turf Tacos, we fuse Hawaiian and Mexican food traditions to create something uniquely tasty. While most people are familiar with foods like tacos and burritos, we understand they may not be as familiar with traditional Hawaiian dishes.

For that reason, we compiled a guide on poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish that we serve. We hope this helps whether you’re ordering from Surf N Turf Tacos or you simply want to have a greater appreciation of Hawaiian cuisine.

What Is Poke?

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish. It translates from “cut piece” and is essentially small pieces of raw fish that have been well-seasoned. Surf N Turf Tacos serves spicy sesame poke.

Where Does Poke Come From?

Most seafaring cultures serve raw fish, and Hawaii is no exception. It originated with fishermen, who would slice their fish into small pieces to make it easier to share.

If you’re familiar with Phillipine cuisine, poke is comparable to kinilaw. It’s also similar to sashimi in Japanese cuisine, or even fish tartare from European cuisine.

Poke is somewhat different from sushi, since the fish isn’t marinated. How different it is from sushi will vary largely depending on the type of sushi that you eat.

While poke has been showing up in Hawaiian cookbooks since the seventies, it’s only grown in popularity since then. This has been particularly true in the past ten years, when restaurants began including poke bowls on their menus.

These days, there’s even a festival dedicated to poke, called I Love Poke. It’s hosted by the renowned Hawaiian chef, Sam Choy.

What Goes in a Poke Bowl?

At Surf N Turf Tacos, you can pick-and-choose the various parts of your meal: this includes the starches, protein, and toppings. We can put poke in a rice bowl, taco, burrito, or other type of dish.

The most basic parts of a poke bowl are the poke itself and the rice. Aside from that, you can choose whichever ingredients you would most like to add.

Along with that, you can also choose to get grilled vegetables as a topping.

Is a Poke Bowl Healthy?

Yes, poke bowls are healthy. Raw fish is a lean protein, and it’s rich with nutrients. We offer a variety of different starches, but if you’re health-conscious, we recommend brown rice, which combines nutrient richness with a lack of glutens.

Looking for Poke in Honolulu?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Surf N Turf Tacos is Honolulu’s Mexican/Hawaiian fusion restaurant of choice. That means we have a variety of different Hawaiian ingredients, available in classic Mexican dish types.

We’re located in Waikiki Beach, just a short walk away from Royal Moana. We’ve taken all necessary precautions during the coronavirus outbreak, and we’re offering food delivery via DoorDash, Bite Squad, Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 808.922.8226. For questions, you can also email us at info@surfnturftacos.com.

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