7 Quesadillas Mistakes to Avoid

Quesadillas originated in central Mexico in the 16th century. When translated in English, the word means “little cheesy thing.” It’s a type of taco that has cheese fillings along with meat and other spices and is cooked on a griddle. 

As far as the varieties go, two tortillas with a cheese layer in between are called full quesadilla. Meanwhile, a half quesadilla has a single tortilla filled with cheese and folded into a half-moon shape. Like its bread counterpart grilled cheese sandwich, a quesadilla can be a light breakfast, tasty lunch, and a convenient weeknight dinner. 

You can make healthy, crispy, flavorful, and structurally sound quesadillas. All you need to do is challenge the prevalent assumptions about traditional quesadillas and ditch old habits. Here, we give you a low-down on the seven mistakes you should avoid for a smooth quesadilla-making experience.

Using corn tortillas

Although corn tortillas have a wonderful aroma and texture and are great for tacos, they aren’t suitable for quesadillas. Use flour tortillas instead. They hold the cheese and the filling together correctly. 

Making quesadillas with two tortillas

Half-moon quesadillas are easier to flip and cook compared to full quesadillas. When you’re cooking a tortilla, spread your filling, and fold the other half over the filling. You’ll need only a spatula to slide and flip it over the fold. You can’t do this with full quesadillas. 

Overstuffing it

Overstuffing quesadillas with too many ingredients ruins the taste and will spill everything on the plate. Please keep it on the lighter side by using only two tablespoons of filling per large tortilla and one for each half quesadilla. Use equal amounts of cheese to protein/vegetables/meat in the filling to keep the whole thing together. 

Wet ingredients

We love quesadillas for their crunch and protein. Using wet ingredients will make them limp and soggy. Instead, use baked beans, vegetables, or cooked meat as they go better with cheese than fish, shrimp, or lobster. 

Using butter

Even if you prefer butter to oil, you shouldn’t use it when cooking quesadillas. Butter has water, which can dampen the quesadilla and make it floppy. Oil is pure fat, so it cooks the tortillas perfectly until the outside is brown and crispy. Moreover, crunchy quesadillas are easier to dip in salsa than soft ones.

However, don’t use a lot of oil as flour tortillas absorb oil. Lightly coat the pan with oil before cooking tortillas. Also, use canola oil if you don’t want the overpowering flavor of olive, soybean, or sunflower oil. 

Cooking on high heat

Tortillas are thin and therefore burn easily. Heat the pan and keep it on low or medium when frying quesadillas. Cooking on medium heat also ensures crispy and golden sides. And the best part—the cheese melts perfectly.  

Cooking ahead of time

Don’t cook quesadillas ahead of time, even if you have people coming over. Always cook fresh quesadillas and serve them hot and crunchy. Otherwise, the tortilla will get soggy, and the cheese will harden. Using an oven to warm up cold quesadillas will melt the cheese but won’t bring the original crunch. Use a pancake griddle or a grill pan instead of a single pan to make quesadillas for a gathering. 

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