Recipes That Start with a Can of Black Beans

Black beans have been a part of Mexican cuisine for several generations. These humble yet delicious beans are rich in several nutrients, such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. It is also a great source of protein and fiber. Another thing that makes black beans such an ingenious ingredient is that it blends well with zingy, spicy Mexican flavors. Whether to make delicious quick meals or complex curries, Black beans can be your best choice.

Here are six famous Mexican food recipes that you can make with a can of black beans:

Black bean and corn Quesadillas

Quesadillas are traditional Mexican dishes made with thin tortillas that have the stuffing of cheese and other ingredients. To make Black beans and corn quesadillas, you need to make a stuffing of dried and drained black beans mixed with kernel corn, onions, chilies, cheese, salt, butter, and olive oil. You can also add red chili flakes to make it spicier.

Black bean soup

Black bean soups are rich in flavor and quite whole to keep you filled until the next meal. Mixed with fresh vegetables and herbs like carrots, celery, onions and loaded with cumin, garlic, red pepper flakes, the black bean soup tastes fantastic. And you can cook it quickly when short on time.

Grilled bean burgers

Burgers are wholesome and delicious to eat. Yet all the flavor comes from the patties sandwiched between the two pieces of bread and other ingredients. Make the burger patties with black beans, and use avocadoes as a binder to make your vegan burger patties that are super delicious, and you won’t even miss the meat.

Black bean salad with corn and avocados

Salads are fresh and zingy and with a load of nutrient-rich fresh fruits and vegetables. Adding black beans to a load of other ingredients such as onion, cilantro, tomatoes, corn, and avocados gives it the richness and depth of protein. Top it off with a dressing of salt and lime juice to enhance the flavors of your black bean salad.

Crunchy black bean tacos

Tacos encompass a morsel of deliciousness with each bite and are easy to make. Mix black beans with some onion, cilantro, cumin, paprika, and salt to make some yummy black bean taco filling. Fill the stuffing onto the tacos and stir-fry them in a non-stick pan to add some crunch. Make a salsa dip to go with them for added deliciousness.

Black bean tamales

Tamales are an indispensable part of Mexican cuisine. They are made by steaming a dough that has flavorsome stuffing, which is wrapped in corn husks. To make black bean tamales, use black beans in the stuffing and add garlic, chilies, onions, cilantro, and serrano peppers.  

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