Tacos in Honolulu

Tacos with a Honolulu Twist

If you’re visiting Honolulu, enjoy tasty food tacos in Honolulu, tacos may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the Hawaiian-Mexican fusion scene is pretty rich down here. We offer the traditional meats you probably think of when you think about getting tacos: chicken, pork, and steak. But we also offer tacos that use local Hawaiian ingredients.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the non-traditional options you can expect when you come to Surf N Turf Tacos. Most of them are fish-based, but our Kalbi tacos are also a popular offering!

Honolulu Tacos

Kalbi Tacos

If you like short ribs, you’ll love our Kalbi tacos. Kalbi is a cut of short ribs that originated in Korea. Kalbi is a meat with a great grilled taste, so we recommend it for anyone visiting or living in Honolulu who misses Southern BBQ.

Poke Tacos

Poke is a popular dish, but did you know that we create the original Ahi Poke Tacos? The spiciness of the meat and sauce works perfectly with the cooling nature of the taco’s shells.

If you’ve never had Poke before, it’s essentially the Hawaiian version of fish tartare. We recommend these tacos to people who like their food spicy but fresh.

Cod Fish Tacos

A lot of Hawaiian-Mexican fusion centers on seafood. This makes sense, given all of the fishing that happens in our state! Aside from the seafood listed above and below, we also offer cod tacos. We’ll grill the cod for good-tasting, healthy tacos. If you’re looking to treat yourself, though you may also be interested in the deep-fried, beer-battered cod that we offer in our tacos!

Shrimp Tacos

As with the cod tacos, we offer two different kinds of shrimp: grilled and deep fried. Our grilled ship is marinated with garlic, giving it a rich, creamy flavor. If you’re looking for something different, our deep-fried shrimp is crusted with bread crumbs.

Looking for Tacos in Honolulu?

You’ve come to the right place. Surf N Turf Tacos offers a variety of different Hawaiian/Mexican food, but the tacos are some of our most popular. After all, tacos are in our name! Order online or check us out at:

2310 Kuhio Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96815

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