5 Tips to Get Quesadillas Right

Quesadillas, literally meaning “little cheesy things”, are Mexican cuisine that originated in northern and central Mexico during the 16th century. Quesadillas are an essential meal or snack in most Mexican households. Over the decades, it has gained popularity around the world, and the recipe of Quesadillas has evolved into several variations in different cultures.

If you are new to Quesadillas and wish to master its recipe, let’s dive deep to learn all about this delicious Latin-American food:

What are Quesadillas?

Quesadilla is a flatbread made of corn and wheat flour, also known as a tortilla. It is cooked and warmed until it can be easily folded. To make a whole Quesadilla, the tortilla is shaped into a half-moon and stuffed with vegetables, meat, spices, and cheese. 

Here are a few tried and tested tips and recipes to make the best Quesadillas:

Steps to make a classic Quesadilla

  • Step 1: Prepare the filling

Chop, combine, and stir your preferred vegetables, along with spices and meat on a pan with medium flame. Once cooked, transfer the filling into a bowl and cover it up to keep it warm.

  • Step 2: Cook the Tortilla

Place a pan on a medium flame, add a little butter and place the tortilla on the pan. 

  • Step 3: Add cheese and other fillings

If you are a cheese lover, this is the time to load up the tortilla with your favorite cheese. To make it more flavorsome, add some of your prepared fillings from the bowl on one half of the tortilla. 

  • Step 4: Wait and shape

As soon as the cheese melts, lift the cheesy side of the tortilla and fold it to cover the side of the filling. Make sure that the tortilla is golden brown, evenly cooked, and crisp from below.  

  • Step 5: Grill with patience

Let the Quesadilla cook on a medium flame until it crisps completely. You can also use a griller to achieve desired results. 

  • Step 6: Cut and serve

Once your Quesadilla is crisp and grilled, transfer it on your cutting board and cut it in half. Your Quesadilla is now ready to eat!

5 Tips for the perfect Quesadilla

  1. Tip to tortilla: Try using a combination of cornstarch and wheat flour tortilla instead of corn tortillas.
  2. Do not over-stuff the filling: Too much of anything is bad; therefore, add ingredients in the right proportions. 
  3. Avoid using too much oil and butter: Excess oil will make the tortilla soft. 
  4. Cook on medium flame: Temperature matters! Do not hurry the process by cooking the Quesadilla on high-flame. For best results, use a consistent medium flame. 
  5. Cook it fresh: Don’t cook ahead of time since it’ll make your Quesadillas soft and soggy, taking away from the authentic taste. 

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