Top 10 Foods to Try on Your Mexico Visit

Mexico is among the world’s top holiday destinations known for its sun-kissed beaches and natural beauty. However, what makes Mexico a traveler’s heaven is the decadent food that you can find there. Mexican delicacies are popular across the globe for their rich flavors and spicy sauces that leave your palate wanting more. You may already have tried some famous Mexican dishes like tacos and Enchiladas. However, you need to try them in Mexico to know their authentic flavors. 

Here are some famous Mexican dishes that you should try on your visit to Mexico.

Tacos al pastor

Everyone is familiar with tacos. However, Tacos al pastor is one of the most famous varieties of tacos made with thin strips of pork, corn tortillas, onions, and pineapple. Don’t forget to try Tacos al pastor on your next visit to Mexico.


This pre-Hispanic soup is a bowl full of nutrition and warmth that you must not miss out on. It is made with hominy corn, herbs, and spices, stewed overnight to produce flavors, then sprinkled with onions, lettuce, and radish before you eat. You can find chicken, pork, and vegetarian versions of this dish all over Mexico.


You cannot pass through the streets of Mexico without seeing vendors selling Elote. This corn cob dish is boiled and served with chili powder, lemon, lime, butter, cheese, and mayonnaise to create a flavor bomb. You can either eat them in cups or from the stick.


Tamales were invented by Mayan and Inca tribes who needed them as a nourishing food during battles. Tamales are a popular breakfast option among Mexicans. They are made with a corn-based dough called masa and have a stuffing of delicious sauces like mole ranging from sweet to savory. Then they are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to enhance their flavor.


Another famous breakfast dish you should try in Mexico is Chilaquiles. It is made with fried corn tortillas that are cut into pieces and layered with salsa. Scrambled eggs, pulled chicken, cheese, and cream are added as toppings to enhance the flavor.


Enchiladas mean ‘season with chili,’ so if your taste buds are yearning for some zing, you must try these tortillas stuffed with chicken and veggies. After filling and adding red or green sauce cream and cheese, these tortillas are rolled or folded.


Anyone familiar with Mexican cuisine knows about guacamole. However, what makes guacamole so special in Mexico is freshly made rather than using the ones in plastic containers. This delicious dip is made with avocados, lime juice, cilantro, onions, and spices.

Platanos Fritos

Everyone relates Mexican cuisines with savory dishes, but Mexico has some amazing desserts to offer as well. Platanos Fritos being one of them. These ripe plantains are topped with lechera or strawberries for you to savor with your breakfast.


Another Mexican dessert that is very popular, Camotes, is candied sweet potatoes. The potatoes are made with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar). You can eat them with sweet milk.


Tortas are essentially sandwiches made with oval-shaped buns and warm filling. You can get stuffing of ham, chicken, veggies, and the bread is drowned in tomato sauce for a rich tangy taste. 

Delectable Mexican food in Honolulu 

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