Top 5 Healthy Mexican Food Choices

Mexican food is world-famous for its zingy, bold flavors that can exhilarate your palette and leave you wanting for more. However, like every other cuisine, some of its dishes, although loaded with flavor, are not the best thing you can eat from a healthy perspective. These foods, such as nacho chips, queso are loaded with saturated fats, carbs, and sugar that can make you fat and unhealthy very quickly. However, Mexican cuisine has some healthy counterparts to these dishes, which are no less delicious.

Here, we present our list of five healthy Mexican dishes you can enjoy without worrying about your health.


Who doesn’t love tacos! There are more reasons to love them than the elation they create on your taste buds. That tops the list, but tacos are also very potion-friendly dishes that you can easily eat in precise portions to maintain your calorie count. Apart from that, you can order tacos filled with grilled chicken, baked corns, and other fillings that are rich in fiber and proteins and lean on fat content.

Mexican black bean soup

Spicy Mexican black bean soup is the best starter you can have before any Mexican meal. This delicious soup is jam-packed with flavors and has high nutrient value. The core ingredient of the soup, which is black beans are rich in fiber that helps improve your digestion and makes you feel fuller. They also added multiple vegetables to the soup to make it even healthier and more flavorsome.


Another healthy dish that you can have at any Mexican restaurant or at home is ceviche. Ceviche is made from raw fish that’s marinated in citrus juices such as lime or and lemon juice. Various other ingredients such as tomatoes, spices, onion, and cilantro are added to the marinated fish to make ceviche. Ceviche is a superb source of protein, vitamin C, and other nutrients and does not have saturated fats in it.


Fajitas another gem of Mexican cuisine that is a perfect blend of flavor and nutrition.  Fajitas is a sizzling platter of meat or shrimp, onion and pepper that comes with sides that you can assemble yourself into a portion on top of flour tortillas. The best part is you can decide on the ratios adding more greens and protein to your plates to make your fajitas healthier.


An Enchilada is a corn tortilla filled with various ingredients such as beans, chicken, and other meats depending upon what you like. Then a rich chili sauce covers it to add flavor and richness to it. Enchiladas allow you to get all the delicious nutrition without packing yourself with cheese and butter that just increases your waistline. You can also eat the veg Enchiladas if you want to include more healthy fiber in your diet.

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