Wines You Can Pair with Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine and wine isn’t a popular combination as Mexicans prefer to drink beer with their food. But since traditional Mexican cuisine has beans, corn, chilies, and spices as significant ingredients, wine can also make for an eclectic alternative. 

You can pair traditional Mexican flavors with different types of wines to create memorable gastronomic experiences. Generally, acidic wine, low in tannin, and fruity flavors go well with Mexican food. Here, we give you a low-down on the best ways to make wine work with Mexican food in Honolulu. Let’s start with three wine and food pairing secrets.

  1. Rule of spice: The general rule is spicier the food, colder and sweeter the wine. Vines with a low alcohol content will help dissolve the burning sensation of spicy food. 
  2. Match color of your wine and food: Match the color of your food with the wine. For instance, red meat goes best with red wine. Meanwhile, white meat goes well with white wine. 
  3. Greens: If a Mexican dish has many green herbs, match it with a wine with higher acidic content like Sauvignon Blanc. 

Now we discuss specific wines that go perfectly with popular Mexican dishes. 

Mexican cheese dishes

Fruity and dry wines go smoothly with cheesy dishes like queso fundido and quesadillas. 

White wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé 

Red wines: Tempranillo, Monastrell, Garnacha, and Cabernet Franc 

Tortillas with toppings

Tacos, tostadas, chalupas, and sopes some of the typical tortillas famous in Mexican cuisine. These dishes have various toppings such as chopped meat, onion, pickled vegetables, and lettuce. You can match them with the following wines: Dry Rosé, Lambrusco, Spanish Garnacha, and Cannonau from Sardegna.

Spicy meats

Carnitas, which means “little meats” in English, is a dish made with pork. Because it’s spicy, it will pair well with acidic wines. Match such foods with wines of high acid and tart berry flavor. 

White wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Furmint, and Torrontes

Red wines: Pinot Noir, Mencia, Barbera


Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce made with over 30 ingredients, including tomatoes, sesame, sweet spices, chocolate, and ancho. It pairs well with red wines with a chocolate touch, such as Zinfandel, Syrah, Shiraz, and Malbec.

Fish taco

Grilled fish tacos match perfectly with acidic white wines as they compliment the freshness of fish and balance the salty ocean flavor. However, if you are eating fried fish, complement it with sparkling wine. 

White wines: Albarino, Txakoli, Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Vouvray, Muscadet, Semillon

Authentic Mexican food in Honolulu

Authentic Mexican food is every bit as complex, flavored, and seasoned as the best of Europe’s fabled cuisines. You will need fresh, sleek, and crispy wines with high acidic content to match Mexican cuisine’s intense flavors. Visit Surf N Turf Tacos to have the best wine-and-dine experience and Mexican food in Honolulu.
We are a multi-ethnic restaurant that uses fresh and local ingredients to offer authentic Mexican dishes at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. We also provide catering services for events. You can call us at (808) 922-8226 or email at to know more.

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